Tradition of grabbing Hindu Indian groom’s nose – Indian wedding traditions explained by an Indian wedding photographer


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The tradition of grabbing the groom’s nose at Indian weddings is known as “Nath utarna” or “Nathni utarna” and is a Hindu custom that takes place during the wedding ceremony. It is considered a playful and lighthearted moment, typically performed by the bride’s sisters, mother or female cousins.

The tradition involves the bride’s female relatives pulling the groom’s nose as a sign of playfulness and good luck. They may also place a small amount of money on the groom’s nose as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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In some communities, the groom’s nose is adorned with a small golden or silver nose ring, which is then presented to the bride. This is seen as a symbol of the groom’s commitment to the bride and the start of a new life together.

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Overall, the tradition of grabbing the groom’s nose is an important part of Indian wedding ceremonies and is a fun and lighthearted way for the bride’s family to welcome the groom into their family. It is also a way to incorporate some lightheartedness and laughter into what can otherwise be a formal and serious occasion.

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