Advantages of Natural Light Wedding Photography


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Firstly, let’s start by defining natural light and artificial light. Natural light refers to the light that comes from the sun or other natural sources, whereas artificial light is created by stage ligts, light bulbs, lamps, or other light sources.

Why is natural light important for wedding photography?

So, what are the advantages of natural light wedding portrait photography? If utilized correctly. it creates soft and diffused light. It has no harsh shadows or unflattering highlights, which results in a more natural and softer look. It is more flattering to the subjects in the photo.  This is especially important for capturing the bride and groom in their best light on their big day.

Another benefit of natural light photography is that it creates a more authentic look in the photos. By using the available light, the photographer can capture the ambiance and atmosphere of the setting. This highlights the beauty of the location, whether it’s an outdoor garden or the front of a beautiful architecture.

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Thirdly, it also helps to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. In natural light, I don’t have to wait for my flash to recycle, I can shoot more photos. I have 10 times better chances to capture your personality and get that candid and spontaneous moment. With artificial light, shooting is much slower, we constantly have to adjust the light, your position, etc. You naturally feel more stiff. Honestly, I would feel the same.

In addition, skin tone just looks more beautiful. Lot of wedding photographers don’t care about skin tone. I do! I think it is important. I don’t agree that everybody has to look dark and burnt orange. Natural light tends to provide more accurate color rendition than artificial light sources.  This means that skin tones will appear more true to life, with fewer color casts or shifts that can make skin look unnatural or unflattering.

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Because natural light is constantly changing with the time of day, weather conditions, and location, it can offer a wide range of creative possibilities for wedding photographers. By choosing the right time and place to shoot, you can take advantage of beautiful golden hour lighting, dramatic cloud cover, or other natural elements that can enhance the mood and tone of your images.

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Also, natural light is typically softer and more diffused than artificial light. What does it mean? Practically it means that the imperfections of your skin is much less visible. Harsh artificial light does highlight the imperfection of your skin.

Advantages of artificial light for wedding photography

On the other hand, inside artificial light photography does have its advantages as well.  The main benefit of artificial light is that it can be used when there is no light. I am a Florida Indian wedding photographer and videographer. Sun sets very early in Florida for most of the year. In certain time of the year half of your wedding is in complete darkness. Whether it’s an indoor wedding venue or a night-time ceremony, artificial light can be used to ensure the photos are well lit.

Also, flash or soft-box light can be used in any weather conditions.  This can be especially useful the summer when we have thunderstorms and rain outside. By having greater control over the lighting, photographers can capture stunning images even in challenging conditions.

Another advantage of using artificial light  it gives the photographer greater control over the lighting. This allows them to create specific moods and effects in the photos. For instance, the use of warm lighting can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, while cool lighting can create a modern and edgy look.

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The photographer and videographer can also use artificial light to highlight specific areas or details, such as the wedding cake or the bride’s beautiful wedding dress. We hope this post has helped you understand the advantages of natural light wedding portrait photography compared to inside artificial light. Remember, the most important thing is to find a skilled and experienced photographer who can capture your love story in the best possible light, no matter the lighting conditions.