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Wedding photography is all about capturing the details of the event, from the stunning wedding dress to the beautiful floral arrangements. Without light it is not possible. We need some amount of light to be able to capture any object. It is particularly important in Florida where sunset is quiet early and large part of your wedding is in darkness unless we provide some sort of light.  With the use of flash, we, wedding photographers, can capture all the details even in low light conditions. Using flash in wedding photography can dramatically improve the quality of the images captured. Flash photography provides additional light sources that help to enhance the clarity and sharpness of the images. With the right lighting, the images captured will have vibrant colors, sharp details, and accurate skin tones as these are the most important for artistic Indian wedding photography.

Using flash in wedding photography can also allow photographers to experiment with different lighting techniques and create unique and creative images. By using a variety of lighting techniques, photographers can produce stunning images that highlight the mood and emotions of the event.

For weddings, I always bring my lighting. I always have large lighting setups and I always have my flash. A flash can help you light up the dark areas, add depth to your photos, and eliminate harsh shadows. However, using a flash can be tricky, and you need to be careful not to overexpose the photos or create harsh shadows. Using  ambient light is possible but I have to be honest, we loose a lot of details and beautiful skin tone.

I often use off-camera lighting for my wedding photography.  This involves using portable strobes, speedlights, or continuous lighting to create additional light sources. With off-camera lighting, I can control the direction and intensity of the light, and create dramatic and creative lighting effects. Rarely, I use light painting.  Light painting is a creative technique that involves using a handheld light source to paint light on the subject or background. This technique can create unique and artistic wedding photos, especially in low-light conditions.