One or two wedding photographers?

Brides and grooms often ask me the question of whether they need more than one photographer?

Advantages of having two photographers:

  1. Variety – The main advantage of two photographers is that you not only have more images in your hand after the wedding, but you also have more of a variety of images. Two photographers take different photographs from different angles and perspectives, they use different lenses to create a variety of images, which create a different look.
  2.  Complexity – There are certain images which can only be taken if there is another photographer with the main photographer. The reason is that these images are more complex because of the lighting situation on a given day. This image below has been taken by me and another photographer because it was dark by the time we finished with the wedding ceremony. It happens often, especially in Florida. It would have been very hard or almost impossible to take this wedding photo below on my own:
  3. Real Moments – Two perspectives:  Are you walking down the aisle? Everyone is looking at you and probably the photographer takes that shot, too. miami jewish wedding photographerNobody really sees the groom and his reaction when he sees you…The second photographer can capture your fiancee’s emotion, as well, as somebody’s expressions from your family.
  4. Two different locations: On your wedding day you can have one of your wedding photographers be with you while you’re getting ready. The other photographer is with the person you’re getting married to.
  5. First Look: When you see each other for the very first time on your wedding day, two photographers can capture both your expressions at the exact same time.
  6. Famil Photos: When you’re having your family photos taken, your other photographer can be with your guests while they’re having fun, laughing, or just jumping into the swimming pool.
  7. Speed. Portrait sessions can be taken care of in matter of 20 – 30 minutes if there are two photographers. One fixes little problems with your dress, helps you with your poses while the other is ready get into position to take the shot. During wedding, often we only have 15 minutes take portrait photos. In these cases two photographer is a must. There are certain situations where the wedding photographer only has a few seconds to take the “money shot”.

All in all, it has become more and more popular to have two or three photographers at modern weddings. Sometimes brides even talk of a “you must have two wedding photographers” for their wedding. As a wedding photographer for over more than 10 years, I can tell you one, single, great photographer is worth 2-3 mediocre ones. Many couples don’t want to have tons of getting ready photos of their dress hanging or thousands of photos of their wedding decoration. I am an Indian wedding photographer. I have shot Indian weddings with 300-400 guests without any problems. I can take amazing images on my own.


You have hundreds of decisions to make regarding your wedding. Deciding who will bring your memories to life is one of your most important ones. Please fill out the contact form and I will respond, typically within 24 hours. I would be honored to be a part of your wedding.

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