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From elaborate ceremonies to amazing colors, Indian weddings are a photographer’s and videographers’ dream, with plenty of opportunity to capture visually striking and emotionally compelling moments. Here are some of the reasons why I, an Indian wedding photographer and videographer, in particular, enjoy photographing Indian, Sikh and South East Asian Muslim weddings.

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First of all, we love colors, details and well designed decoration and wedding attires. Let’s be honest, it is more joy to take pictures if the subject does look amazing! In India the predominant traditional wedding dress among Hindu brides is called a Sari. A sari is an uncut and unsown piece of cloth that is wrapped around the bride’s body, and is worn over a choli (tight-fitting blouse) and a chania (skirt petticoat). Sari is a beautiful piece of clothing thus a long time favorite by Indian wedding photographers. Brides also wear a lahanga suit, or a salwar kameez. The lahanga suit is a full skirt, which is worn with a choli and odhani. Salwar kameez is a complete outfit which consists of trousers gathered at the ankle, and a three-quarter-length embroidered tunic with a dupatta shawl of red and gold.

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For Pakistani Muslim brides, the most common wedding dress is a richly decorated and intricately created bridal gown known as a “lehenga” or “ghagra.” They are similar to the ones Hindu brides wear. It is made up of a long skirt, a blouse or choli, and a dupatta, which is a long scarf wrapped over one’s head or shoulders. They are very heavy and are the best to take pictures of when the bride wears it. In my opinion, wedding dresses look the best when you wear them.

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The lehenga or ghagra is typically constructed of expensive materials such as silk, velvet, or chiffon and is highly embroidered. The little details do look great on photos. To match the lehenga, the blouse or choli is generally form-fitting and adorned, and the dupatta is often richly created with matching embellishments. In addition to the bridal gown, Pakistani Muslim brides, you guessed right, usually wear a lot of jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, bangles, and other accessories.

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One significant difference between Pakistani Muslim and Hindu wedding gowns is that Muslim bridal gowns may adhere to modesty requirements, with the bride’s body covered, whereas Hindu bridal gowns may display more skin. Furthermore, the colors and designs of bridal gowns and jewelry may differ depending on regional and cultural influences, with Pakistani Muslim brides frequently opting for rich and vibrant colors, whereas Hindu brides may choose a broader range of colors.

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Secondly, Indian wedding decoration does look amazing. Decor just looks great in camera. The decorations usually have tons of little details. They are colorful and still stylish. From the auspicious rites of pre-wedding ceremonies to the complex customs of the main wedding day, Indian wedding photographers take great joy in capturing these cultural complexities. The meticulously planned decorations, vibrant clothing, music, Bollywood dancing and don’t forget Indian food create engaging visual narratives that portray the story of the couple’s love.

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Thirdly, we love challenges! Indian weddings are fast paced and you have to stay focused all day otherwise you will miss something important. These large elaborate weddings provide unique photo and video opportunities. From traditional ceremonies like the haldi ceremony, the mehndi ceremony, and sangeet to the grandeur of the wedding reception, there are numerous moments to capture. Each even is different. Not only in color, outfit but also in vibe. Each ceremonies ask for different approaches regarding photography. Not all grooms ride a real elephant to the wedding venue. We do have an opportunity to take photos of you vintage Chevy!

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The vibrant apparel, ornate jewelry, and elaborate set-ups provide many possibilities for creative and visually outstanding pictures and video footage. Indian wedding videographers appreciate the challenge of capturing these moments in unique and artistic ways. In deeper level, what I personally love the most Indian weddings are not purely about uniting two people, but about bringing together two families. I love how family members unite and help each other out with wedding planning and running errands before during and after the wedding.


Last not at least, we love fun party photos and video footage. I am originally from Europe. I am a white dude and I have to be honest, I don’t know how to dance. But Indian people do! … And when they dance, it looks amazing!

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One thing you immediately notice when you go to an Indian or Pakistani or Bnagladeshi Muslim wedding is the fact that Indian people love dancing. They don’t only love it but they are are known for their exceptional skills on the dance floor. Dance is not just a form of entertainment in India. It is deeply ingrained in the country’s culture and plays a significant role in various every day celebrations and festivals. From classical dances like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi to folk and tribal dances like Bhangra, Garba, and Dandiya, dance is an inseparable part of Indian culture. As a guest to an Indian wedding you will immediately see, people of all ages and backgrounds revel in its joy. So, wait a minute! What makes Indian people such talented dancers?

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1. Rich Cultural Heritage: Indian people grow up immersed in this rich cultural heritage, learning dance from an early age through formal training or simply by observing and imbibing the dance traditions of their community. The cultural richness of India provides a strong foundation for dance skills to flourish.

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2. Every day, Indians are surrounded by music. As soon as you enter an Indian home, you will hear music. In Indian tradition, music and dance are inextricably linked, and Indians have a strong love for rhythm and melody. Indian music has traditionally been distinguished by complex rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics. You will see if you ever visit India! Indians have a natural aptitude for music and rhythm, which reflects into their dancing abilities.

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3. Indians love to celebrate! For them dance is an integral part of their festivals. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or any special occasion, dancing is a way to express joy, happiness. Life can be though sometimes but Indian people have a natural inclination towards celebrating life, and their love for dance is a reflection of this celebratory spirit.

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4. Social Bonding: Dance is also a way for Indians to connect and bond with others. Many Indian dance forms, such as Bhangra, Garba, and Dandiya, are often performed in groups, fostering a sense of community. Often girls and boys find their life partners while perfor=ming at a wedding or when they take dance classes. Dance provides a platform for social interaction, celebration, and joy, and Indian people relish the opportunity to dance and connect with others.

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