Surprise Engagement Proposal Photos, Morikami Gardens

Whether you met in college, in high school, or on a trip to Europe, you found love—and it’s time to make your relationship serious. Is it possible to fly under the radar and make it a real surprise? Yes, it is possible and it is not hard but it requires careful planning.

With George, we have called each other countess times to set up his surprise engagement proposal at the Morikami Gardens.
The best way to plan your surprise engagement proposal is to find a location first. To avoid blowing the surprise, come up with an idea of a surprise trip to Florida. Surprise proposal in Miami has the advantage that you can pop the question at an epic Florida location all year around. If you are a Florida resident, invite your partner to her favorite place on a date. Going on a mini vacation or coming up with a special location for your next date can create the right atmosphere for you to propose. Build up a cover story and make sure you don’t tell too many family members and friends. Your partner will be suspicious if you’re acting nervous or distracted.

Always keep in mind, later when you look back at getting engaged, you will always remember and admire the surprise element. Everybody can order a ring online and propose straightforward. Your loved one will feel special when you put a lot of effort and time into planning the proposal. I may have to repeat to sink in: your partner will deeply appreciate the dedication and creativity, time, and work put into a special surprise proposal. Always keep in mind that “the most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”