Amie and Aman Sangeet Night - Omni at ChampionsGate Indian Wedding Photos, Orlando Florida


At the beginning of a 2-4 day long traditional Hindu Indian wedding the Sangeet ceremony takes place. This is the part where everyone comes together to celebrate the wedding union with mingling of friends and family of the bride and groom.  It usually follows the Mendi ceremony. The word “sangeet” translates to "sung together." Both sides of the families sing traditional Indian folk songs together in Sanskrit. This way they welcome each other. After the singing, the family members give dance performances. In essence, this is where the party starts. Originally, the Sangeet is strictly for female family members and friends. Over the time, it has changed and today men also join the party.

Traditionally, the Sangeet used to last for a week or in some areas in India even for ten days. Nowadays, it takes place right before the Hindu wedding ceremony and lasts 5-10 hours. Friends and family have a chance to get to know the ‘other half’ of the families. A special meal is served and there will be musical performances and dancing.