Indian Wedding Sanget at Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

at Walt Disney World Resort

I had the honor to photograph an amazing Indian wedding at the Four Seasons hotel in Orlando. It it was one of the most magical weddings I have ever been a part of. You can see Sonia and Jay’s Indian wedding ceremony and reception photos here: Four Seasons Orlando Indian wedding.
The photos you see above I took at the first event called, “Sanget or Sangeet”.

The Sangeet ceremony is part of the traditional Hindu Indian wedding. The event involves choreographed Bollywood style dancing performed by close and extended family members and friends. The dance performances are followed by the open dance floor to celebrate and kick start the following festivities for the Indian wedding weekend.

The word “sanget” means “music” in Hindi. It comes from the tradition that many elderly female members of the family used to sing traditional Indian wedding songs at this event. Still today many family members sing traditional songs but today there is more emphasis on dancing. The Sanget takes place two or three days prior to the wedding, either before or after or on the same day with the Mehndi ceremony. Typically, the event takes place at the Bride’s home or if larger space needed, in a separate hotel or conference center. One of these traditional songs is called “Suhaag”, a traditional folk song, sung to the tune of the tradition South East Asian Dhol.

For this particular wedding all events took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Disney World in Orlando. The hotel is a great location for Indian wedding photography. Hidden away in Orlando’s Disney world, this hotel and its staff are second to none. The rooms are kept super clean, the landscaping is beautiful, the restaurants and bar are amazing. The only disadvantage is that there is a limited space for great creative Indian wedding photography. Yes, the palm tree pathway is amazing. However, there is limited choices when you want to have variety of photo scenes. First of all, The front of the hotel will not be too exiting for you regarding photography. Secondly, you can walk around the lake but the angles and perspective are limited, to tell you the truth.

For your guests the hotel has plenty of amenities. It has a well kept gym. Some of the recommended experiences for your wedding guests while at your Indian wedding at Four Seasons Orlando :

Take a picture in the palm tree pathway (my personal favorite)
Ravello’s Character Breakfast
Lazy river and the water slides
Disney – the hotel offers free bus transportation to Disney
Get a snack at Lickety Split (ice cream)
Eat at PB&G  – Healthy but great tasting burgers and waffle fries.
All in all, Four Seasons in Orlando is recommended for Indian Weddings.

Sangeet is a pre-wedding ceremony in Indian weddings that is typically celebrated the night before the wedding day. The word “Sangeet” means “singing and dancing” in Hindi, and it is an occasion for the bride and groom’s families and friends to come together for music, dance, and celebration.

The Sangeet ceremony is usually a casual and lively event, where everyone is dressed in traditional Indian attire. The bride, groom, and their families are often dressed in colorful clothing, and the bride’s family typically hosts the event. The ceremony includes performances by the bride and groom’s family and friends, traditional Indian music and dance, and a lot of fun and laughter.

The Sangeet ceremony is also a time for the bride and groom’s families to bond, and for the bride and groom to spend time with their friends before their wedding day. It is also a time for the bride’s family to formally introduce the groom’s family to their culture and traditions.

In many cases, the couple will perform a dance together, this performance is called “Jaimala” and it’s a romantic dance between the couple and it’s a way to express love, commitment and to show the happiness before the marriage ceremony.