Ruchita and Nipun have picked the Hilton for their Indian wedding in Tampa for both the Sangeet and  for the wedding day, as well. We love shooting Indian weddings! Indian weddings are extremely colorful and can last for several days depending on the bride and groom’s region of birth.

On the wedding day, the Nipun arrived in a red Ferrari for the baraat, which is a procession that leads to the wedding venue. For those who are not familiar with Indian weddings, it’s a colorful and lively event, and Hilton Downtown Tampa provides a perfect location for the baraat arrival. The hotel has a beautiful outdoor area where the baraat can gather and start the procession.

Once the baraat has arrived, the wedding ceremony took place inside the hotel. It’s a sacred and emotional occasion, and Hilton Downtown Tampa provides an ideal setting for the ceremony. The hotel has a range of indoor and outdoor event spaces to choose from, so you can select the perfect location for your ceremony. After the ceremony, it’s time for the reception. The Hilton  has a stunning ballroom that can accommodate a large number of guests, complete with lighting and decor that can be customized to your liking. From the grand entrance to the speeches and the first dance, Hilton Downtown Tampa will ensure that your reception is a night to remember.

We have been honored to be their Indian wedding photographers for the first day and their traditional Hindu ceremony and wedding reception.

A traditional Indian wedding is different from other weddings because it is not purely about uniting two people, but about bringing together two families. You may not understand the language of the ceremony because it is performed in the ancient language of Sanskrit and in accordance with the rituals prescribed in the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas. Fortunately, our pandit (Hindu priest) was Rajan Bhatt, who explained all the different steps of the wedding ceremony. He also highlighted the religious meanings behind all the prayers performed during the wedding.

I have written a guide for traditional Hindu weddings and illustrated with Indian wedding photos I have taken during various ceremonies here: Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony explained.  The traditional Hindu wedding takes place in the ‘Kalyana Mandapam’ or Mandap. It is a decorated wedding pavilion as you see in the images below. Fire under the mandap is an essential part of the ceremony as you see on the photos. You are wondering what the priest is doing during the ceremonial elements? During the ceremony, the priest offers gifts into the fire. The gifts are fruits of human labor, milk, rice, honey as he chants ancient hymns of praise, worship, and invocation. You can view their Sangeet photos via the link below the photos.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner:  InStyle Events
Lunch : Khasiyat- Mitesh (Garba dinner & ceremony lunch)
Dinner Catering:  Aashirwad Amit
Sound: Awaaz Entertainment
Dhol: Nihal Singh
Décor: Dreams to Reality
Makeup Bride:Prsicilla Monique Aritisty
Hair Bride: Destiny & Light Priscilla
Henna: Hina Patel
Baraat: Exotic car rentals
Priest: Rajan Bhatt
Garlands: Shriji Creations
Dance Floor: Dream Dance Floors