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The Hindu wedding ceremony 1s a union of two souls, valid, tor the lifetime of the couple. The rituals of the ceremony are based on the hymns contained in the Vedas, Sacred Hindu Scriptures, which are over 5,000 years old.
The ceremony consecrated In the presence or God, as represented by the five elements of nature (fire, earth, water, air and ether), Which play an integral role in the ceremony. The ceremony takes place under a canopy known as a mandap, which represents a home supported by tour pillars, each representing the fundamental elements of religion, Truth, Mercy, Meditation and Purity. You see Paiyal and Samik’s Indian wedding photos at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs.

If you want to know more about traditional Indian wedding ceremonies, please, read more below the pictures:

Hindu Indian wedding ceremony is preformed by the "Pandit"

"Faana Aaqman" - Groom's procession

In a festive, music-filled procession, groom and his Jaan (entourage of family and friends) arrive at the venue dancing and celebrating to announce to bride and her family that they have arrived.


This ceremony begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, who is known to be the remover of all Obstacles. The prayer blesses, not only the wedding ceremony, but the groom and bride s married life with happiness and prosperity. This prayer is known to create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and harmony in all stages of life.

Varpujan Madhuparka

Bride's parents wash Groom's feet with milk and water, and offer him a mixture of honey, ghee,

yogurt, and milk to symbolize the sweetness and joy of life and the strength he will need to have be married to bride. A veil is then held in front of Groom in readiness of bride’s arrival. It is usually at this time that the bridesmaids will try to steal the groom’s shoes. Traditionally, the groom must leave the wedding with the same pair of shoes that he enters with. If his Shoes are stolen, he must offer money or other gifts in order to get them back.


Brides’s mother welcomes groom by applying a tilak (red powder) on his forehead. She places various objects around him including an earthen pot that symbo1izes the responsibilities that come with marriage. Groom will then shatter the earthen pot demonstrating his commitment to overcome any obstacles in married life.

Kanpa Pudhrana - BRIDES ENTRANCE

Bride's bridesmaids light candles and shower the way to the altar, before our stunning bride is escorted to the mandap by her father. At this stage, a cloth called an antarpat separates the Bride and Groom. This represents their separate existence before their marriage. Once, she is seated, the veil is removed between her and Groom, showing everyone that they only see each other from now on.


Bride and Groom will adorn each other with flower garlands. This is to signify their acceptance of each other as partners in life.


Bride's parents then place her hand in the right hand of Groom and ask them to look upon each other with respect, love and compassion. They are advised to keep their marriage strong and righteous, to show good will and affection to both of their families as they are not only marrying each other but blending the two families.

Hasta Melap and Varmala – Joining of Hands

While holding each other’s hands, the priest places a thread around the shoulders of the bride and groom. The tread symbolizes the 24 different characteristics and virtues of human life and binds the two together. Groom’s sister then place a scarf on grooms shoulder and tie to bride’s veil. The knot represents their unbreakable bond and once tied; the couple is officially joined in marriage. The knot can only be opened by those who tied it, and usually after a bribe if offered by the groom and bride to his sisters.

Mangal Phera – Circling the sacred fire

The pundit ignites a sacred fire that serves as a divine witness to the ceremony. Bride’s brother places sesame and wheat grains into the couple’s hands to offer into the fire. The couple then circle the sacred fire, while being adorned with flower petals by their families and friends. This takes place four times
to symbolize the four elements of life;
Dharma: a moral sense to lead a good life.
Artha: Prosperity to make life as happy as possible.
Kama: physical satisfaction to lead life.
Moksha: detachment from materialism and the attainment of a spiritual state.
After the fourth round, it is believed that whoever sits down first will rule the marriage.

Indoor Mangalsutra – Hindu Version of the Wedding Ring Exchange

Groom applies red powder (sindoor) on bride’s head and placesa mangalsutra (sacred necklace) around her neck as a symbol of his love and respect. It will forever serve as a reminder of their vows and the promises they have made to each other.

Saptapadi – Seven Steps

In Hindu philosophy, it is said that two people walk seven steps together they became lifelong friends. As the couple walks, each steps represents a goal to be attained as they begin their married life. Bride and groom recite these vows:
Step One: I will divide all pleasures and pain with you. I will always be with you.
Step Two: I will protect the family and the interest of our children.
Step Three: I will be forever devoted to you.
Step Four: I I will share in our joys and sorrows.
Step Five: I will fulfill your physical and emotional needs.
Step Six: I will never betray you either in word or deed.
Step Seven: I will walk with you towards God to realize life, and Mukti (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

Aashirvaad – Blessings for the bride and groom

The couple will now exchange the vows they have written for each other and their rings to serve as a symbol of everlasting love. The pries will then present the newlyweds.

Vidaai – The bride’s farewell

Traditionally, the bride bids her family goodbye in an emotional farewell, as they feel they are losing their daughter. However, they are also gaining a son and happy tears are shed for the couple as they begin their married life.

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