Wedding Trends

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Smaller Weddings

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The first trend that I personally would love to see is smaller weddings. Disregarding of Covid-19 restrictions, smaller weddings allows the couples to spend quality one-on-one time with every guest and get to know family members and friends. Therefore, it is much easier to do this with 20-50 people than to 150.

Best miami wedding photographersAlso, the shoots are so much less stressful and it’s easier to capture the faces of joy on people’s faces. In Addition, since the guest count is smaller, than the client’s budget can stretch out farther. For an example, if you have a huge wedding and you have flowers on each table, than there might be less flowers because of you budget. However, if you have a small wedding, than there are less tables to put flowers on, than you can fill the tables with a huge bouquet.

Have wild colors, the ivory green can be boring

The next trend I want to see couples is having wild colors presented at their weeding. For years, most couples have ivory green and sometimes pops of blush or gold at their weddings. The is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however, when you pick your own colors that match you and your personality it shows that your wedding was unique and it was something you loved dearly.

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Embracing bolder colors like ombre color palettes or even multiple colors shows if your personality is funny, wild, fun, or even kind. Weddings with bold colors express life and joy, tells a story about your relationship with your significant person. One small tip is to go to local flower shop and get some wildflowers that you can use in season.

Mixing Bridesmaids dresses

The next thing I want to see are mix matched bridesmaid’s dresses. The look of bridesmaids in different dresses is like a modern contemporary, it’s fresh and dynamic. If everyone was in the same dress, with the same silhouette neckline it would make the wedding look bland. Again, there is nothing wrong with that but send your bridesmaids your color palette and your design board. Let them pick what fits the color patentee the best, and chose wither the dress is long or short so they match in length. The reasons I said that have the same length is because in photography perspective I think that the same length or similar length is always a little bit more pleasing to the eye. It is also extremely respectful thing to do because everybody has different body types everybody has different budgets and so you are being more mindful for them.

Sunday Weddings

For the last and final tip is that Sunday weddings. This might naturally happen because there’s not as much availability for Saturday weddings. As an Indian wedding photographer, I often shoot wedding for 3-4 days. It happens that both the reception and the wedding ceremony falls on a Sunday. Since, all of the 2019 couples moved into 2020 and then all the original 2020 couples are here too, so we almost have double the weddings spread out through this year. Most weddings are booked for Saturday or Friday, so venues and photographers are busy. Also, generally your guests are more available on Sunday than Friday or Saturday.


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