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Brides and grooms often ask me the question whether they need two or one photographer/videographer only? When do they need three photographers/videographers?

Contrary to the popular belief, the numbers of photographers don’t depend on the number of wedding guests you are going to have. Another photographer can be helpful when your guest number is over 200 but the key of a second photographer lies somewhere else.

Advantages of have two photographers:

Variety – The main advantage of two photographers is that you not only have more images in your hand after the wedding but also have more variety of images. Two photographers take different angles and perspectives, of then use different lenses to create a variety of images, a different look.

Moments – Are walking down the aisle?? Everyone is looking at you and probably the photographer takes that shot, too. Nobody really sees the groom and his reaction when he sees you…having 2 photographers will capture both of your expressions.

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Complicated images are possible

Speed. Portrait session can be taken care of in matter of 20 – 30 minutes if there are two photographers. One fixes little problems with your dress, helps you with your poses while the other is ready get into position to take the shot. During wedding, often we only have 15 minutes take portrait photos. In these cases two photographer is a must.

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Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I can take amazing images on my own. One great photographer is worth 2-3 mediocre ones.