Ankita + Sarat – Indian Wedding at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort Part I.

We had the honor of photographing Ankita + Sarat’s three-day wedding in Orlando, Florida at the Mariott International Hotel this spring. The resort was impressive, and the staff was both friendly and accommodating.  We sometimes have special requests to capture the best moments and they were always more than happy to assist us every time, we cannot thank them enough.


Photographing Ankita as she prepared for her traditional wedding ceremony and Gauri Pooja  was  sacred for all involved.  As you see she looks like a queen.  We began at five in the morning in order to capture it all.

Once the Gauri Pooja started, the room fell silent; not a hush was heard as the priest guided her through ancient prayers specific to her region in India.

What you are viewing in the following  photographs is the tradition of the bride worshiping the Goddess Gauri by performing Gauri Pooja. This puja is performed by women to invoke the blessings of Gauri – mother of Ganapati. Performing Gauri puja differs from community to community and place to place. It is not the ritual, but the devotion and the self-realization which is the focus of this worship.

The Goddess Gauri is highly revered as it is believed that she is a manifestation of Shakti, the mother of the universe and the power and energy by which God creates, preserves and destroys the world.  She symbolises motherhood, fertility and the victory of good over evil.

Sarat look like a prince.

The wedding location was set by a calm pond. It was a perfect day with a mix of sun and clouds.

Baraat is a bridegroom’s wedding procession to the bride’s house. He travels to the bride’s house or to the wedding venue on a horse or carriage, accompanied by his family members and his closest friends called “baraatis” or people accompanying the procession.

As you see the groom, his horse and the carriage are covered decorated.

The D.J. was phenomenal! It was hard not to dance. Even the kids enjoyed themselves!

Finally, the groom could not resist the intoxicating mix of contemporary and traditional beats. He jumped in which was a fun surprise for all!

indian traditional dancing

In Hindu weddings, the groom is greeted with garlands and aarti. In traditional North Indian and Pakistani weddings, baraats are welcomed at the wedding venue with the sound of shehnaisf, which are considered auspicious at weddings by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike.

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Please click on the following link to see the photos of the wedding ceremony: Indian Wedding Ceremony