Marc + Corinne – Islamorada Wedding Pictures at Pierre’s

Corinne, James Bond and of course Napoleon

It is hard to write about Marc + Corrine. Perhaps because I like them so much! Corrine is the softest, most discerning,  infectiously fun-loving bride I have met yet! It truly is hard to catch Corrine without a smile on her face for long. And when the smile breaks a deep heartfelt laugh is never far behind!  Her groom is no less appealing. Marc has the closest semblance to James Bond that Otto and I have ever encountered.  His swagger down the carpeted sandy Islamorada shore is forever imprinted in our minds as one of the best pre-wedding moments we have captured of a groom on his wedding day to date.

Our personal highlights were Napoleon the officiant, a close friend, decked out in a make believe costume; the late night photo booth which created rowdy laughter; the father’s speech which is always rousing;  as well as the small touches like slippers provided for the guests so that they could walk comfortably on the sand, and hand held fans to cool one off or to look fashionable, whichever one preferred.

As the evening rolled on at Pierre’s  the sun set in the distance casting a warm golden hue on wedding party. Thanks to a memorable performance by Spam Allstars the festivities and cheer lasted throughout the night as the bride and groom danced their way through the night… eventually feet were put up.

It is always fun to drive down to the Keys, yet it can be perilous. The bumper to bumper traffic is time consuming and one is almost certain to end up in a sudden traffic halting accident even if you are the most expert driver – including my husband!