Capture2 Best South Asian Wedding Photos

This is our  latest featured reception on South Asian Bride!

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Here is the information needed to have your own wedding published with us!  xox Priscilla

1. Your  names ( as you wish them to be listed)

2. Location of wedding and reception

3. List of details:  dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, tuxedo, flowers, decor and color themes

4. List of vendors:  wedding planner, stylist, music, florist etc…

5. Your inspiration for you decor and location

6. A description of the day and what made it special

7. You personal profile including hobbies and/or career (optional)

8. Your love story! How you fell in love or knew you were right for one another (optional but some magazines require this)

9.  An e-mail address and telephone number so the publication can contact you to verify information

10. One piece of advice to future brides and grooms!

TIP: You can also have your designer help with the descriptions of the decor and vendor list.

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