Beautiful Wedding Session on South Asian Bride Magazine

Capture2 Best South Asian Wedding Photos

This is our  latest featured reception on South Asian Bride!

You can see the whole post at:

Here is the information needed to have your own wedding published with us!  xox Priscilla

1. Your  names ( as you wish them to be listed)

2. Location of wedding and reception

3. List of details:  dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, tuxedo, flowers, decor and color themes

4. List of vendors:  wedding planner, stylist, music, florist etc…

5. Your inspiration for you decor and location

6. A description of the day and what made it special

7. You personal profile including hobbies and/or career (optional)

8. Your love story! How you fell in love or knew you were right for one another (optional but some magazines require this)

9.  An e-mail address and telephone number so the publication can contact you to verify information

10. One piece of advice to future brides and grooms!

TIP: You can also have your designer help with the descriptions of the decor and vendor list.

Give us a call with questions or to discuss more details over the phone: 786.444.9743