Weddings in South East Asia are rich with cultural traditions, lively celebrations, and heartfelt rituals. Religious traditions, family values, and regional diversity are all beautifully combined in these weddings. Above you see Komal and Runail’s Omni Hotel Muslim wedding photos.

Muslim weddings consist several days of elaborate events. The Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies are vibrant and joyful pre- wedding events. These ceremonies are a celebration of love and togetherness and are often attended by close friends and family. Mehndi involves the application of henna designs on the bride’s hands and feet, while Sangeet is a musical evening filled with dance and song. You can see Komal’s Sangeet event here: Omni Hotel Orlando Pre-Wedding Photos
The Nikah, you see above, is the most significant event in South East Asian Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim weddings. It is the official Islamic marriage contract ceremony where the bride and groom, along with their families and witnesses, gather at the mosque or in this case in the hotel grand ballroom. The couple’s consent to the Muslim marriage is formalized, and the Muslim religious officiant conducts the ceremony.

Later you will see Komal’s and Runail’s walima, The Walima is a grand wedding reception hosted by the groom’s family. It is a time to celebrate the newlywed couple and is often a lavish affair with magnificent food (you can see on the photos!) and elaborate decorations. The Walima provides an opportunity for extended family and friends to come together and offer their blessings to the couple.