You can view Reema and Sarit’s Hotel Diplomat Indian wedding photos above. A dream wedding weekend in Hollywood, Florida. This fun loving crew was an absolute blast to photograph. As wedding photographers and videographers, we have been blessed with the incredible opportunity to witness and capture the most beautiful moments in people’s lives. Among these cherished experiences, one stands out above all — the privilege of photographing the radiant bride on her special day. We loved Reema’s red Indian wedding dress. When it comes to wedding traditions, few are as captivating and meaningful as the choice of a red wedding dress by an Indian bride. As a wedding photographer, I am particularly drawn to the striking contrast of the red wedding dress against the backdrop of Indian wedding venues. The vivid red hue against the traditional gold accents and lush greenery creates a visual masterpiece that is a delight to photograph. It adds a touch of opulence and drama to the wedding album, resulting in breathtaking images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Why Red is the Most Important Color for Indian Weddings?

Among the myriad of colors, one stands out when you attend your first Indian wedding as the epitome of love, celebration, and auspiciousness: red. You are wondering: why it is considered the most important color for Indian weddings. The association of red with weddings in India dates back centuries, rooted in ancient traditions and mythology. Red holds a sacred place in Indian culture, symbolizing purity, passion, and power. According to Hindu mythology, red is believed to be the color of Goddess Durga, who represents strength and fertility. Red is also associated with fire, which is considered purifying and auspicious.

Furthermore, red is considered the color of love and desire in Indian weddings. It is believed to evoke feelings of passion and romance, symbolizing the deep connection between the you and your fiance. This is the red you can see in Reema’s bridal attire.  The color is believed to bring luck and bless Reema and Sarit with a prosperous married life. Additionally, red is associated with fertility and is believed to enhance the chances of conception and the birth of healthy children.

Also, in Indian culture, red is believed to be a color that brings good luck and wards off evil spirits. Red is often incorporated into various wedding rituals and decorations, from red flowers and fabrics to red accessories and decorations. The vibrant presence of red creates a joyful and celebratory atmosphere, infusing the wedding ceremonies with positive energy and blessings.

India’s cultural diversity is reflected in the various regional interpretations of the importance of red in weddings. For example, in North Indian weddings, the bride often wears a red bridal outfit known as a “sindoori” or “shakha-pola” red lehenga, while in South Indian weddings, the bride typically wears a red silk saree. Regional variations highlight the cultural significance of red and its connection to local traditions, customs, and beliefs.

Although, I love red, no, you don’t have to have a red wedding dress. Don’t panic. You shouldn’t wear the color if you hate it. While red has remained the dominant color for Indian weddings, there has been an evolution in fashion trends. You can explore different shades and combinations of red, including maroon, crimson, and coral, to add a contemporary twist to their bridal attire. Designers are also incorporating red in innovative ways, blending traditional elements with modern styles to create stunning ensembles that pay homage to the significance of red while embracing individual preferences.