“Sometimes it’s the little things. It’s the shoulder kisses and cooked breakfasts and the “drive safe” texts. It’s those things that for some reason make you feel more loved than you ever have before...."

- Midnight Thoughts


McKenna and Jonathan decided to have their Hindu Indian wedding ceremony this year. Based on the current situation, they are planning their wedding reception with extended family and friends next year. I basically loved everything about McKenna and Jonathan’s wedding day so I’ll let the photos do most of the talking! Trust me, I’ll be back again next year, there are more weddings to shoot in Clearwater beach!!!

One of my favorite beaches to take wedding photos is Clearwater beach, located on the East coast of Florida. I just love the light quality of this location. The beach here has that characteristic super-fine, sugar-white sand, which attracts millions of tourists every year.

Why is the sand in Clearwater Beach so white? The reason is that the sand is primarily made of quartz crystal. Yes, white sand is actually small quartz particles. The sand barely has any shells or coral in it. This gives it a colorless tone and a “sugar” like feel. At the end of the Ice Age, great quantities of water ran down the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. These rivers swept along the Appalachian range, broke down much of the mountain’s quartz, and carried it to the Gulf of Mexico area. Not many knows that the beach is also perfect for wedding photography. The powdery fine sand reflect light back in a way that most photos have that light airy look. Also, eliminates the shadows under eyes even in harsh sunlight. The light quality of the sun combined with the light mirrored by the white sand creates amazing base for great wedding portrait images and beautiful light for wedding photos.