We had the honor to be the photographer and videographer for Nova adn Tamin’s amazing Bangladeshi Muslim wedding. For those who are not familiar with Bangali weddings, the “Gate Dhora is worth to mantion and explain. This is when bride’s crew takes charge, holds the gate, and basically plays the ultimate game of “You Shall Not Pass” with the groom and his gang. But here’s the twist – it’s all in good fun! The bride’s siblings and cousins turn into expert negotiators, demanding a gate fee that’s, let’s say, quite ambitious. It’s like a comedy show with loads of joking, laughing, and witty banter flying between the two parties. The haggling goes on until both sides are happy, and they strike a deal. Then, bam! The groom cuts the ribbon (fita), and he’s officially welcomed in.

Now, let me explain “Rusmat.” It’s this awesome tradition where the newlyweds get all cozy under a single veil (a dupatta). A mirror is being held up, and the groom has to spill the beans on how lovely he finds his bride. It’s like a romantic face-off, gazing into each other’s reflections. The big question of the night? “What do you see?” And you won’t believe the sweet declarations they come up with. As part of the rusmat magic, they sip from the same glass to up their love game. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there – they’re on a sweet spree, feeding each other treats and sharing sips of lassi, a yummy sweet yogurt drink. And here’s the grand finale – the big exchange of flower garlands. It’s like the public declaration that, “Hey world, we’ve officially locked in this husband and wife thing.”