Favorite Engagement Photography Session of the Week – Pei + Yin

Pei + Yin met at the University of Miami four years ago. Yin had a plan to study every day and to be the best in the class, until he met Pei and fell in love.  Fast forward two years and we received a phone call saying that in December they would be getting married in Taipei, Taiwan, but before they left, they wanted to have an engagement session here in America.  It made sense, they always wanted to remember the place they met; the shared memories; and their dreams of a starting a family together.

One day soon, this American experience will be a vague memory of heartfelt moments for Pei + Yin, that they would have shared in bits and pieces with their children.  By documenting it, we freeze it in time – the excitement, the romance, and their genuine captivity with each other. It will be a memory keepsake that they will be able to share with their family and loved ones forever.

As photojournalists this was right up our alley! We felt it was important to document the places that meant something to Pei + Yin.  So, what transpired was a series of mini-photography sessions in the Miami area. Down in the Design District Otto made P + Y delve in to their photo session. Posing in front of stunning street murals was fun, but to actually help to make a mural was even better.

Now, each time they pass by this mural they will be able to brag that “Hey, I made this!” Making a mural was not planned. Otto simply jumped at the moment. He asked the workman if Pei + Yin could help. You can expect the unexpected when you work with us. It is what we strive for!

Since Pei + Yin met at UM we thought about a session on the campus was definitely necessary! So, they tossed the football in UF jerseys.  Pei gave Yin a run for his money.  As wedding photographers we could have just had them pose together on the campus but we knew that a real game of football with actual jerseys was a touch that would bring them out of their shells and would allow them to have genuine fun that would be apparent in their photos!

Strolling, people watching, ice-cream, cocktails and putting your feet in the sand in Miami Beach is, well, just what one does in Miami Beach, so we did it too!

In the afternoon we thought it might be appropriate to stop by Vizcaya for some more traditional photographs.  Vizcaya Gardens are a unique setting here in Miami and so it is no surprise many engagement sessions end up being photographed here.

Our last stop was our pool in Key Biscayne!  Everyone needs to end as engagement session in Florida with underwater photography!

Our two girl love Pei + Yin! They brought them cupcakes from Misha’s and two little key kitty chains for presents, which was so unnecessary, but so well received!

The day ended with icing smeared all over Jasmine and Layla’s  faces and me admiring my authentic Chinese satin purse!  The perfect sunset fell in the distance and Pei + Yin drove off. It was sad to see them leave but since we will probably go to eat Asian cuisine with them soon I don’t feel so bad.  Maybe we will run into you there!

For those of you visiting Miami that enjoy good Asian Cuisine Pei + Yin recommended the following places to us and we will share them with you too! Respond to this post telling us if you agree or disagree with their restaurant selections, or simply post some places that you think are better! We want to know!

1. Tropical Chinese   7991 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155
Very Clean!  Open kitchen. They have traditional Dimsum on the weekend. They offer very special food delivery service that you can barely find in South Miami.  Most Americans love this place.

2.  Chang’s Chinese Restaurant 2404 SW 107th Ave., Miami, FL
Our favorite Chinese restaurant in South Miami.

3.  Lung Gong Restaurant 11920 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33184
They have very local Chinese spicy food.

4.  PEI-WEI (the same owner of PF. CHANG) but the price is much cheaper than PF. and the food is almost the same.