Kim + Sam in Atlantis – Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas Wedding Pictures

This March we spent a short, but sweet, weekend at the Atlantis Hotel in the balmy Bahamas. Only a half hour flight from Miami and you are thrust amidst diamond sparkling white sands and piercing blue waters. The beaches were a wedding photographer’s dream. Especially Otto’s dream! He has been diving for fifteen and a half years, and as you will see from the photographs following, I couldn’t get him out of the water. He kept chasing a little reef shark that didn’t want to wait for him. I, on the other hand, could not get enough of the the bride’s shoes. They were the most spectacular engineering of splendor I have photographed to date; everyone who saw them wanted to own them. I actually considered marring Otto again, just so I could have an excuse to buy a pair. But Otto wants to buy a new lens…Sigh! He is much more sensible than me.

We left from Miami – the whole trip only took thirty minutes. We barely sat down before we were landing on the air strip. As you see the view is spectacular.

If you like beaches, craziness, nightlife, and fun for you and your guests this wedding destination is for you.

One of the benefits of this venue is that you can have time to yourself and with your guests, both. If you want to take a stolen moment, you can stay in a different part of the hotel, visit different beaches and pools, and then arrange to meet up later with guests all the while knowing that they are neither bored or nor abandoned. There is more to do at Atlantis Paradise Island than one can imagine.

Good advice: If you plan a wedding and need to call home, you may want to keep in mind that the minutes can be high. If you have a large wedding party and you want to communicate with each other you may want to consider getting walkie talkies. You will end up paying less with these.  Like this or this.

One of the more important points for photographers to remember when shooting a wedding at the Atlantis, is that the hotel is a like a small city with logistical features that one should consider. The hotel is spread out over ….miles. Sometimes walking along the beach boardwalk is faster than waiting for a shuttle bus if the location you are going to is at the next building. They say that bus shuttles run every 15 minutes but we have experienced that getting from Beach Tower to the Reef Tower may take up to 35-45 minutes if you just missed the shuttle. Better to walk over to the Royal Tower where the bus leaves every 5 minutes. This is not a problem if you are on a vacation, but is a consideration that should be made for someone on strict deadlines, like a professional wedding photographer.


The cuff links above were a thoughtful present from Kim to Sam. We wanted to take a picture of them before Sam put them in a way that captured the wedding venue and the occasion. We love being creative, and trying to make the photographs reflect each particular bride and groom that we shoot.  We strive for photos that are uniquely the clients’; to offer a fresh perspective;  even if out of the ordinary. If you like what we did please feel free to leave a comment and the end of the blog.

The bridesmaids opened up a bottle of campaign, and the festivities began.

Getting ready was fun, Kim was surrounded by her sisters and best friends. They giggled and shared stories. She looked gorgeous too!

This one of my favorite photos. I love the contrast between the rugged cut off jeans and the classic beauty of the dress. Kim is a designer and has beyond good taste. Her shoes were the talk of the evening until the cake fight.

Did I mention how much we loved this dress?

Sam exudes confidence. Here he looks like a young James Bond.

The seating was arrangement was lovely. It was set-up in a winding circle, which allowed for the wedding party to greet all of the guests. It was a nice touch and made the ceremony very intimate.


Kim + Sam were a warm, relaxed couple with a spice of craziness. The wedding party loved dancing, the food served, the cocktail hour spent talking with friends, and the cake fight – which we will leave to your imagination.

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