Sandra + Daniel | Ancient Spanish Monastery| Miami, Florida

Did I ever tell you that I love beach weddings? I love when you get ready on the beach; it creates a special atmosphere. The light and the whole feeling of shooting your getting ready is something special.

Here the beaches are filled with where people are having fun, enjoying the southern light of Miami. Miami may be my home, but it really is a great place for a destination wedding.

Sandra looks absolutely stunning; the make-up artist did a fantastic job. I always seem blessed to work with the coolest brides and the best make-up artists. I love being a wedding photographer!

Sandra’s friend looking upon her attentively is priceless. It was Sandra’s day and she shinned with that special glow that only brides have on their wedding day. I love the energy that brides and grooms emit, and I always feel honored to be a part of the big day.

As my wife notes, the shoes are a tasteful and classic shimmering tan, and the dress was a perfect fit for Sandra, who has a model’s stature.

As you see Daniel and his groomsmen are playing Brazilian soccer. My most important goal with my photography is to capture a living record for your children and grandchild yet to come. It is for them that I always shoot.  How would they want to see you today I always ask myself? I want my pictures to tell a story about you. I don’t think they want to just see you posing as a super model the whole time; I think they want to see you as you really were, when you were young. It really is important to me that you do want you really want to do on your wedding day. Sandra is making herself look impeccable and loving it, while the guys were playing soccer. And they were actually really good at it too!

My wife and I love shooting at the Spanish Monastery. It is intimate and features unique architecture and details from what is typically found in Miami. It is both classic and stylish.

Daniel is laying eyes on Sandra for the first time today. Sandra has anticipated this moment for almost a year.

I love taking pictures of raw emotions.

The speeches were both funny and touching.

Under the stars they danced all night.

Look at them, they had so much fun!

Congratulations Sandra + Daniel! Thank you for a wonderful time!