Natisha + Wesley | A Story | The Addison | Boca Raton, Florida

The Addison, Boca Raton, Florida

Florist: Beautiful Kreations, Florida  T: 954-933-7530 ~

Dresses: Ceremony ~ Maggie Sottero | Reception ~ Vera Wang
Shoes: Nine West, I made them myself, they are covered in Swarovski crystals
Necklace: Swarovski crystal rhinestones
Music: Music Machine


Natisha’s  Wedding Story

Since all of our families are from different backgrounds we wanted everyone to feel very comfortable. We were going for a warm intimate feel, but still girly with the pinks and sparkles. I also really wanted a garden wedding, so since the reception was indoors, I brought the garden inside.

It was a very easy going day. I stressed for over a year planning a wedding from across the country. So whatever happened that day was fine with me. It was very special to us to have all of our families meet for the first time and get along so well. We all truly became one family that night.

I work at the Hyatt Regency coordinating meetings and social events, I love to read, hike, travel. My husband is a web designer and works on his own business ideas on the weekends.  We first fell in love with one another when we met in Miami working together. I knew he was the one when he agreedto pack up all his things and move across the country to California with me. We’ve created great memories that first year trying to survive. Now we live in Austin and hope to continue our adventure.

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We chose the wine box ceremony because we didn’t like the traditional unity ceremonies, like lighting the candles or pouring the sand into the vase. With this type of ceremony it meant more. We were able to customize a box with our name and date and a beautiful picture. We filled the box with love notes and our favorite bottle of wine. Once it was nailed shut we weren’t allowed to open the box until our 20th anniversary, at that time we can drink the wine and read our letters. But if somethingwere to happen before then, where we felt we wanted a divorce, we would open the box early. Our wine box now proudly sits in our living room for us to see every day.

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