Wedding Photographer in Sicily Accidentally Shot and Killed by the Couple During Posing Pictures

I never liked posing pictures because of  the inherent unnatural look, but it has just has proved to be extremely dangerous!

In Sicily, a wedding photographer was shot after he asked the prospective bride and groom to pose for a picture using hunting rifles as props. They were about to set off for a local church to attend their own wedding ceremony when the wedding photographer proposed to take a few posed pictures on the couple’s parents’ property.

One of the guns apparently went off and fatally wounded the photographer in the head. The couple immediately put their wedding on hold while police currently investigate the issue.

In Sicily, it is not unheard of for partygoers to get hurt at weddings because it is a tradition for guns to be fired off at family events and weddings.

It looks like the owner hadn’t checked whether the rifles were loaded before the photography session.


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