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What steps to make to keep you and your guest safe during weddings - From the perspective of a wedding photographer

Ever since the start of the year 2020, the world has undergone drastic changes. Pretty much everything we used to do in our normal routines has been forced to a halt by a pandemic. Weddings have been postponed all over the world.

What steps to make to keep you and your guest safe during weddings –

From the perspective of a Miami wedding photographer

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Remember you’re not alone. This happened to people all over the world. So many weddings have been postponed. We know it’s a challenging time for so many of us.
After the initial phase where everyone just stayed at home, people have begun to realize that they’ll have to live with this virus and continue with their lives.

All kinds of activities are resuming slowly, people are back arranging wedding ceremonies. One thing we must never forget is to be careful. Wedding photographers and videographers being an essential part of wedding ceremonies have a great responsibility on their shoulders now.  They have to keep themselves and the guests safe while providing photo and video services during Covid-19.

How can Photographer’s be at risk of spreading the virus?

Wedding photographer’s job is not easy if they want to avoid covid or any virus in general. They have to meet a lot of clients on a weekly basis. In addition to meeting a number of people, they also go to photo sessions taking place at different locations. Wedding photographers and videographers never know where they might come in contact with the virus. If they are not careful, they might also be spreading the virus further. Weddings during covid are smaller but still there is a high chance of catching the virus while taking photos or recording videos at a wedding.

For this reason, it is important to take necessary precautions so that the photographer can protect themselves from being exposed to the virus, as well as, save wedding guests. While your wedding photographer or videographer are exposed to a lot of people, I still think they can minimize the risk of them spreading the virus further. There are options to stop the virus from spreading during weddings.

Steps to keep yourself and the guests safe from Covid-19

While we would like to urge anyone reading this to take precautions, wear masks, and wash your hands regularly, this article is specifically for photographers and how they can prevent the spread of coronavirus or any other viruses.

Encourage Masks

Wearing a mask can reduce the threat of the virus spreading. Photographers at the wedding should always wear a mask and also encourage other people to wear masks, as well. Masks are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks.

Wedding photographers are known to create new angles and poses, try out new things where people are uncomfortable wearing masks. It is a great opportunity to promote wedding images where people chose to wear masks. Hopefully, these photos might be picked up by social media and become trendy while encouraging more people to wear masks during photo-shoots.

Avoid risk-taking (temporarily)

I LOVE taking unusual photos! People want their photographs to look unique and in trying to do so, they want photographers to create different poses. As a photographer, if you consider some poses as a potential risk to either yours or to the wedding guests health it is always a good thing to say no. You should not compromise on anyone’s health just for a few unique photographs if it involves guests. In my mind, it may be safe to do with bride and groom only if their heath is not compromised.

Talk to your clients

While discussing the wedding photo-shoot, make sure that you inform the client that you won’t be doing anything that risks anyone’s health. Let them know that you will keep some boundaries due to the pandemic. Moreover, tell them about the precautions that they should take such as keeping sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves, and wipes, etc.

Keep your distance

At all times, you must keep an appropriate distance between you and the clients. No one should be allowed to touch your equipment unnecessarily. Even if you have other members in your crew, you should be distant from them and also ask them to take the precautions necessary to avoid getting infected.

Less group photos

Large group family photos, under the current circumstances, might be a bad idea. If it is necessary and possible, break the large group into smaller groups.  We all want to keep our distance from each other and for this reason, you shouldn’t be taking any large group photos. If the client insists on doing so, make sure that you stand away from the group and get a bigger lens so at least you are on the safe side. I am afraid these type of group photos will need to be taken only after the pandemic.

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Keep your equipment disinfected

Add disinfectant wipes, gloves, spray, and additional masks to your photography gear. It is extremely important that you keep on cleaning your equipment from time to time while on the shoot or going from one shoot to the other. You and your crew should also sanitize your and their hands and even better if you can wash your hands regularly.

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Carefully select the place

As a photographer, another thing you should keep in mind is to avoid taking photos in small, dark venues with no ventilation. In these places, there is a strong chance that virus spread faster.
Try to encourage your brides and grooms to have their wedding at an open venue or on the beach. If it is not possible, take the bride and groom outside or to a place with proper lighting, space to keep distance, where air can pass through. There should be a minimum number of people helping the bride in dressing up so the place is less crowded while you take pictures or the videographers records video.


Another solution is that you simply elope. In the past, elopements used to mean a wedding held in secret, often at a government building. Nowadays, it is a great way for couples to get married quickly as states ease up on stay-at-home orders, knowing restrictions could be put back in place if the pandemic worsens. Miami is a great location for elopements. You can jump on a plane, get married in a day and head home the next. We have amazing locations all year around. You can get married here in winter because the weather is amazing all the time.

A great advantage of elopements is that it is much cheaper to elope than having a huge wedding at home while running the risk of infecting your loved ones. According to the wedding website The Knot, the average cost for a wedding in 2019 was $34,000. Eloping is more affordable, 2 plane tickets and 1-2 thousands of dollars.

Suggest modest and small weddings

Whenever possible, suggest your clients arrange wedding functions with a minimum number of guests. There is no need to put everyone at risk so they should only invite guests that are necessary.

Ask them to consider life – feed recording where guests can be at the wedding virtually! The clear advantage to choose live streaming is to be able give the opportunity for so many family members and friends  to be connected and engaged on your wedding day. Wedding videography allows family and friends to  watch the ceremony after the fact, but it’s quite thrilling and unifying to be watching it live! Live – feed is an great option if your brides and grooms have guests, such as elderly relatives, who are uneasy about the risk of social gatherings. We personally offer simple live stream wedding options. Virtual wedding guests can click on a URL to view the wedding ceremony through a high-definition live stream. No app download or login required. The biggest advantage is that you can invite unlimited guests!

No shaking hands or hugs

Shaking hands or hugs can be difficult to avoid and often people do it subconsciously. If someone tries to shake your hand, you can remind them to keep social distance, if it is unavoidable then sanitize your hand immediately. Avoid hugging each other at all costs.

Don’t touch anything else

While shooting and wedding, try not to touch any tables, doorknobs, switches, etc. Keep disinfectant wipes along with you if you really have the need to touch something. When you are outside, do not touch your face, ears, nose, eyes, and mouth.

Stay safe!

Keeping yourself and others safe from the virus is the only way we can avoid Covid until a vaccine arrives on the market. We have no idea how long the pandemic will last. Instead of being locked down, we have to carry on with our activities but at all times take the precautions. Wear masks and wash your hands regularly. Always remember! The most important: Covid can’t stop LOVE!