Brittany and Ross held a stylish wedding at their parent's oceanside estate, in mid-February, close to Valentine's day

- a perfect time of year for a beachside wedding in Golden Beach, Florida.

Location: Grabois residence, Golden Beach, FL
Wedding Planner: TC Event Design
Catering: Eggwhites
Rabbi: Berkun


Brittany and Ross held a stylish wedding at their parent’s oceanside estate, in mid-February, close to Valentine’s day – a perfect time of year for a beachside wedding in Golden Beach, Florida. Having a wedding at your family home takes months of preparation, but also adds a dimension of familiarity and sentimentality. It was apparent that being surrounded by familiar sculptures, paintings and books calmed the nerves of everyone involved.  While Brittany and Ross got ready, the wedding party nibbled on favorite snacks from the pantry while amusing the bride and groom with the sort of fun and laughter that only  old friends and family can share while in their own kitchen. Their first look was held in their living room with their entire families around! This was a truly a family celebration.

Brittany and Ross are the sort of consummate couple that you would invite anywhere because of their friendly and graceful spirits. So, spending the day with them was a complete pleasure!

Ross sported a tux and Brittany wore a classic lace white wedding dress with a long sleeved jacket which she later removed for dancing at the reception. Together they reflected a kind of romantic Humphrey Bogart/ Lauren Bacall flare.

The guest chairs on the beach were white which kept the energy light, as well as the long white runner which lined the path raised above the sand. The chuppah was constructed with crystal clear pillars which allowed the water to sparkle and cast light through them during the ceremony, and over hanging were white flowers creating a romantic feel.

Earlier in the day, a gigantic clear tent was raised; all kept an eye on the elaborate floral center pieces being put together,  creating an air of excitement! As dusk settled, a soft sunset glow painted the sky. Hors d’oeuvre were served while the musicians set up, and the synchronized swimmers prepared for their colorful night-time performance.

The Ketubah was signed, Brittany circled Ross, and the glass was broken! As usual everyone cried -including me – and before we knew it, the property was illuminated into a light fest of celebration. Dangling ivy and vibrant colors lined the tent. As the full moon glowed, reflecting off the blue waters, the dancing began and music and laughter floated up into the night sky.