Diana + Adrien ‘s Engagement Session | Miami, FL

The best part about shooting an engagement session is getting to know a couple and understanding how to let their personalities shine through. Once you really know the couple everything is just fun!

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I think that it easy to get caught up in your own vision as a photographer instead of really understanding  the subjects you are photographing and what interests them. Diana + Adrien love biking! They go on trips often and much of their engagement involved romantic outings! I was asked recently how do you get your couples to be at ease. I think the secret is ask them what they love to do. It is so obvious, yet it is easy to overlook this part. It is much safer to take a couple to a place that I have shoot before because I will know the outcome in advance. The challenge in an engagement session is to let them direct you, let them take you some where new, somewhere that the couple really wants to be. Don’t always be in control of the vision. Instead, let it be a dance between the two of you.



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