Eloping in Jamaica – Shannon + Martin

Getting calls from Shannon + Martin are always fun! So when I received a call asking if my wife and I could document their elopement in Jamaica I was thrilled! What leads a couple to elope is personal , I don’t necessarily ask, but I knew from our engagement session a year earlier that whatever they were going to plan it was going to be fun and spontaneous; and, it was exactly that!

Martin was born in Argentina and loves soccer! Music to my ears! If you haven’t realized by now my style it is all about incorporating the personal into one’s sessions. Weddings are your day and I always want to make sure that your wedding pictures reflect that! The destination was Negril. The adventure lasted more than a week; the idea was to combine the wedding and the honeymoon in one fun extravaganza. Together we set out; from the taxi leaving their house to the airport and beyond I was there and loving it. The first goal was to drive across the island and discover what Jamaica had to offer a fun loving bride and groom.  We visited Dunn’s River Falls; we went to a Jamaican church making friends with local kids; we took an ocean boat ride; rented scooters; rode bicycles; and ate savory Jamaican cuisine to our heart’s delight. The wedding vows were no less appealing; Shannon + Martin played soccer on the beach and tossed the bouquet to suntanning travelers. They had made it their day; fait accompli!

In the morning I knocked on their door and literally woke them up! I love unstaged photographs, thus this is one my prized pictures. They still have sleep heavily weighted in their eyes. It is natural.

Shannon + Martin not yet married! This photograph captures the dreaminess of what their lives will be like together. They are encapsulated in a long silent rainy drive of peacefulness, familiarity and contentment. This couple was made for each other.

I fell in love with this taxi man’s beard and how it looks next to the raindrop covered kaleidoscopic windows. I have little interest in sporting a beard myself, but he wears it well.  Our driver knew the shortcuts so we arrived in plenty of time.

Off they go to a well planned destiny! Taking off from the Fort Lauderdale airport with Shannon’s wedding dress in hand. A fairwell kiss. Goodbye Florida!

Shannon + Martin are extremely comfortable together.  It is beautiful to see.

Arriving was pure delight!

Martin is the apple of Shannon’s eye.

Shannon + Martin’s destination wedding in Jamiaca has begun.