Worried About your Wedding Pictures?

I have just talked to a very nice bride who was extremely concerned about her wedding pictures.  It is totally normal. I don’t think she is alone.

She was looking for tips on taking good pics: “Any tips on how I can make my pics the best they can be?”.

My advice:

First of all, it doesn’t matter that you are “not photogenic”.  (Most of the time you are.) Don’t  stress yourself out!

The key is very simple! Have fun!  If you and your fiance are enjoying yourselves, it WILL come through in the photos, and they’ll be beautiful. Don’t stress about the pictures…simply be yourselves (and enjoy your wedding day!) and your photographer will be able to capture that!

I’m sure your photographer will have suggestions for the most flattering poses, etc. and will help you through the session. I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to your photographer during your posed portraits, even when the poses feel ridiculous. Sometimes the poses that feel the most absurd are the shots that come out the best.

Have an engagement session!  It provides you the best opportunity to get comfortable with being in front of the camera. You can use this as “practice” for what will look good and what you should do for your big day. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and get your hair and markup done up, but it will at least get you comfortable inf ront of the camera and photographer. You will also come out of that knowing certain things to do or not do for your wedding day photography.

You will be surprised at how they turn out.. don’t think about it (because then it will show in the pictures)… just have fun!!

Your hair and make-up will be done on your wedding day, too, which should give you an added boost of confidence. I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful bride and have gorgeous photos from your wedding day. 🙂

You WILL be fine! 🙂