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Photographing Tegas’ and Janisha’s wedding was amazing! From the engagement to the last night, they were gracious and engaging! The wedding day was held outside in the bright open courtyard of Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. The guests were light-hearted and spirited. The days were fun and their families made sure that everyone was taken care of and left feeling included – which is quite a feat when over one hundred guests are invited.

The reception was a tasteful selection of gold and pastel floral designs including lilies, pink roses and hydrangeas.  Janisha did not miss a single detail! Even Tejas’ even bow tie matched her dress. With my photographer’s eye it did not escape me that the room had blue lighting accents that matched Tejas’ sauve blue evening jacket and pants. Wild dancing and impressive performances made it a wedding not to be missed! Lastly, we got to work with the Sokha Im team from Apsara Events who always makes everything flow on the wedding day. Thank you Tegas and Janisha for choosing us to document your days! Many of you ask for the details of the wedding and vows. So I have posted the sacrament below. Enjoy!

Vedic Wedding Ceremony

Vivaha Samskara (wedding) is one of the most important of the sacraments of the human being. It is celebrated after the Brahmacharaya (studenthood) and takes one to the stage of a Householder. As prescribed in the scriptures of the Hindus, it unites the man and the woman, mentally, physically and spiritually in a firm bond for raising a family, for serving the society and for continuing the race and the spiritual heritage

It is for the removal of all obstacles during the function. Gauri Puja is done by the bride who seeks the blessings of Goddess Parvati with a prayer for a happy married life

Barat – Welcome

Bride’s parents welcome  Groom and his parents at the barat and escort them to the wedding ceremony.

Ganesh Pooja,raksha bandhana and yagyopavitam – Worshiping Lord Ganesh to be performed by the bridegroom
The ceremony will begin with prayers to Lord Ganesh to remove all obstacles and bless the wedding couple on this auspicious day.

Kanya Aagman – The Bride’s Arrival
Bride’s arrival is preceded by a procession led by the wedding party and nine married women (sumangalis). Bride then will be carried in a doli /walk by her maternal uncles to the Mandap.
Kaallu Kadagatam
Bride’s parents wash Groom’s feet, as a gesture of respect because on the day of wedding, the groom is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who has come to marry their daughter, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.
Mahasankalpam & Pravara
The priest details the origins (gotra) of the bride and groom, including their culture, geography, ancient rulers, and revered holy places. The pravara ritual transitions the bride’s gotra from her father’s to the groom’s.
Kanyadaanam – Giving   the Bride
Bride’s parents give away the bride as one of the most noble acts they will perform in their lifetime. In a symbolic ritual, Bride’s parents place her hands into Groom’s and pour holy water over them to finalize the gesture of giving their daughter away. Bride’s father requests that Groom accepts their daughter as an equal partner in all walks of life. Groom accepts and gives his promise to do so.
Jilakara Bellam-Summuhurtha
Bride and Groom place a paste of cumin and jaggery on each other’s heads (on the Sahasraara Chakra: the energy center for the spiritual consciousness), indicating a spiritual promise between them, prior to physical union.

Mangalya Pooja & Mangalya Dharana
The mangalya, a sacred thread with pendants given by  both bride’s and groom’s family is blessed by the priests, the Gods, both families and all the elders in attendance. Groom then ties the mangalya around  the Bride’s neck in three knots, signifying their complete union – physical, mental, and spiritual. The three knots also refer to the groom’s promise to care for his wife and not hurt her either through thoughts (manasa), speech (vacha), or deeds (karmana).
Yokthra Dharana
The groom ties a rope of responsibility around the waist of the bride to give her all the strength necessary to shoulder the responsibilities of a family life.
Bride and Groom  shower one another with thalambralu, a mixture of rice, pearls, and turmeric. This signifies joy, happiness and prosperity in the marriage.
Laaja Homam
With the help of her brother, the bride offers puffed rice to Agni, the Lord of Fire, wishing her husband a long life and for the propagation of their family.
Pani Grahanam –
The couple make a promise to each other to live by the Vedic scriptures through all walks of life.
Dharma: Moral and religious sense to lead a good life
Ardha: Financial prosperity
Kama: Blessing for a strong and virtuous family

Mangalpheres – Circling of the Holy Fire
The bride and groom circle the holy fire seven times as life is seen to have seven great goals, called purusharthas.
Sapta Padi
Bride and Groom  take seven (sapta) steps (padi) together, symbolizing the beginning of their journey through the life as partners. The first step is for respect and honor towards each other, the second for strength to weather their problems together, the third for prosperity in their household, the fourth for wisdom, the fifth for children, the sixth for health, and the seventh for affection and a lasting companionship.
Arundati Nakshatra Darsanam
Groom  will show the Arundati Nakshatra by pointing to the sky.

Mangala Arathi – Gratitude
Women bless the couple with fire of camphor and also express gratitude to god for a successful completion of the ceremony.
Ashirvaad – Blessings
Family and friends offer blessings to Bride and Groom  for a long and happy married life.


  • From a fellow photographer, this wedding gallery is everything! Love your creativity and it's obvious that you truly cared about these clients.