Coley+ Scott | Vizcaya Wedding, Miami

Venue: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, FL

Wedding Planner: Jennifer Johnson

Lighting: Illumene

For the bridesmaids, the soft sun lit day began with champagne and cheer in the Everglades suite on the 13th floor of the Biltmore Hotel,  and for the boys with cocktails and joshing by the Biltmore pool.  It was a picture perfect wedding day with close friends and family surrounding the couple. Coley is the first bride that I have ever photographed that looks remarkably similar to Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Between Coley and Scott who emotes a 50’s movie star personae I felt all day that this somehow was the wedding of the year. We took advantage of the Vizcaya’s picturesque landscape with photos of the couple throughout the day and watched the breathless beauty of the sunset and felt the cool breeze of the water’s edge.  Dancing, laughing and delightful chatter wafted up over the dark waters and the reflection of the moon looked down on us all.  It was magical! Thank you for a beautiful day! You are a remarkable and beautiful couple! xo Priscilla