Hindu Christian Fusion WeddingKinjal + SebastianBoca Raton, FL | ADDISON

“My dream was to have a fusion wedding that blended our two cultures together but also allowed each culture to highlight its distinct beauty separately”.

“My inspiration for the Hindu ceremony were the traditional bold colors that are so vibrant all over India. I wanted to keep it lively, exciting, and a treat for my guests who had never been to an Indian wedding before”.

Kinjal + Sebastian – Boca Raton, FL | ADDISON

For the Christian ceremony, I hoped for a more romantic scene that matched the evening sunset it took place in and contrasted the bright decor from earlier in the day.

“Dancing under thousands of string lights in the courtyard that mimicked a starry night was a perfect way to end a crazy, amazing day! My advice when planning a fusion wedding is to not be afraid to have each culture contrast one another instead of focusing so much on perfectly blending them.”

For those who are planning their wedding in the future, here is the timeline for this Hindu-Christian fusion wedding:

  • Hair/Makeup and getting ready
  • First look with Groom
  • Pictures at The Addison
  • Bride to go upstairs to the balcony
  • Bharat
  • Mother of the bride welcomes the Groom at the front of the Addison, walks Groom to the Mandap where the ceremony will be held. Everyone will also be getting seated at this time
  • Ceremony
  • Family Portraits in the Mandap. At this time everyone else will be getting seated in the Mizner ballroom for lunch
  • Lunch starts. Family and close friends will be sitting in the Salano ball room for lunch, where the bride/groom will be sitting as well.
  • Bride/Groom eat, Say Hello to guests
  • Vidaai- Bride leaves with groom in horse carriage.
  • Bride Changes, Hair/Make-up
  • pictures with bridesmaids and parents, first look
  • Catholic Ceremony
  • Cocktail hour – Pictures with Bridal Party
  • pm Reception
  • Sparkler exit