10 Tips for Brides who want Amazing Engagement Photography I. | Real advice written by real photographers

The following article offers tips for great engagement photos that we give our brides when preparing for shooting an engagement session. This advice stems from 12 years of bridal photography, so we can safely boast that it is reliable. While the internet is full of fake news and fake information it can leave one wondering is anything I am reading true? The following derives from two real wedding photographers based in Florida, Otto and Priscilla Haring, with our many years of real experience.

  1. Select a day of the week that is compatible with your vision!

Do you want people gaping and strolling into your photos. Well, neither does the photographer. That is why we always suggest photographing your engagement session during the week, Monday through Thursday whenever possible. On the weekends, any place that you can imagine having a photo shoot will more than likely be packed with pedestrians. During the week there are less people entertaining and strolling around outside, so there will be less people in the photos. It is simply impossible for photographers to remove all of the people.

  1. Bring more than one outfit

We always recommend bringing something upscale and something casual that is fun. It is definitely useful to have variety in your engagement wardrobe for the engagement session. You may be surprised by which outfit you like the best when looking at the photos later.  We can all regret a fashion choice after the fact, yet later, is simply too late. For instance, I have had a bride that chose a skirt that she later thought was too short and looked to her like a “prom” dress, but only decided that after the session. The dress had limitations during the shoot because she could not run, jump, sit on a swing, or sit down or else the skirt would be too revealing. If she had brought more than one outfit she would have had all of the photos with her second outfit and she would have been able to have more variety in her engagement poses.

  1.  Wear professional make up

Why wear professional make up? Many females want to look natural in their engagement photography session. From a girl who feels very comfortable never wearing makeup, I can assure you that looking natural for the camera can be better done with makeup than without makeup when it comes to your engagement photos. Simply ask your makeup artist to make it look like you are not wearing makeup. I know what this sounds strange, yet, this will ensure that you do look amazing. Make up can look invisible, but no makeup can make you look washed out and sickly especially when wearing something upscale. The second point not to be overlooked is to have a professional do your make up, not a friend and not by yourself. This may sound especially harsh, but we have yet to see one good make up job for the camera done by a bride herself or by her friends. Having said that, I have seen a bride work in a combined fashion with her makeup artist for a great result! The makeup artist did the foundational work and then bride did the final touch of eyeliner to her eyes and that looked good! Make up for the camera is different than make up for daily life. Professional make up reads different than make up that you put on yourself. It cannot be stressed that enough.

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