10 Tips for Brides who want Amazing Engagement Photography III.

  1. Pick a rain date in advance.

The only factor that makes your day impossible is if it rains. Since most engagements sessions are outside, we have to battle with the weather from the time – with the weather winning unfortunately. Thus, pick an alternative day and discuss it with your photographer in advance so if you have change the day for the weather you have it planned in advance. Most important, if you are coming in from out of town pick the first half of your trip for your engagement session not the last day of your trip. For example, you are flying in to a Florida or New York for a photo shoot from Sat to Thursday, plan the shoot for Monday so that you still have Tuesday and Wednesday even Thursday morning if there is suddenly bad weather or a city wide race scheduled on your day.

  1. Pick a location that looks good and has meaning to you.

Having said that if you recommend a personal location and your photographer is recommending somewhere else, it may be a sign that the location does not photograph well. Not every park photographs well, even though it looks good to your eye. Trust what your photographer when they say what will work and won’t. There can be limitations. If you want to have a personal location for your engagement shoot, mix that up with a safe location which the photographer knows will work. So have two locations. Your session should not just be a let’s see how this turns out session. A good photographer has in mind, the time of day, the location and the angles already thought out.

  1. Treat your session as practice for your wedding.

Your engagement session is a good time to practice for your wedding. You get to see what hair and make styles look good on you in photos. When brides leave their wedding selections to the day of their wedding, there might be glitches.

  1. Trust your photographer!miami wedding photos on the beach