10 Tips for Brides who want Amazing Engagement Photography II.

  1. Don’t be your worst critic.

Love you the way YOU are. Remember that you are unique. Your size and shape is different from every other bride or groom. Don’t blame yourself for your weight or skin blemishes, or what you failed to bring, do or not do. Your engagement session is a time for personal reflection. Your photographer photographs what the camera sees. Sometimes we are over critical of our own beauty and society can push unrealistic unhealthy expectations on us.

If you didn’t like your hair style then this is the time to discuss new hair styles with your stylist. If you were not happy with your facial blemishes, then discuss make applications that can cover blemishes. Each of us is unique the way we are: our noses, our skin colors, our stomachs. Sometimes brides want to go start a healthy workout regime, but it is important that it is nothing drastic (we have seen a near death experience with a bride that wanted to look perfect for her fiancé)!

  1. Photograph for more than an hour.

If you photograph for just one hour you are cheating yourself because just as you are starting to feel comfortable and truly relax in front of the camera the session is over. If you want to have variety or some sort of masterpiece this typically does not happen in an hour. Give yourself more time for your engagement session.

  1. Make your day good for weather not just your schedule.

It is easy to want to photograph on the day you originally book, and hope that the photos will look great. If you want to have photos that are bright and sunny, sometimes you just have to wait for that day. Shade on a sunny day is different than a gray bleak day with no reflectable light. The point is that you can always go into shade when you need to, but you can’t go into the sun when there is none. Unless you are with a huge professional lighting crew the photos are just not going to be as radiant. You don’t want to have lifeless photos that can sometimes result from a rainy gray day.

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