Top 10 engagement photo session locations in and around Miami

1. Miami Railroad Station is an excellent location if you want to have a slight vintage look to your engagement photos. You can bring props and dress in a 50’s look or just come as yourselves!

2. Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a safe bet for engagement photography. You can soak up the sun, and then have a cool drink and stroll around on the famous streets. You cannot go wrong with this session, especially if you are out of state. If you grew up in Miami you may want to branch out to somewhere a little less beat and track. Either way you can’t go wrong!

Best engagement locations in Miami

top engagement locations in Miami

3. Your favorite Coffee Shop

You can find an amazing Coffee Shop anywhere in Miami. Sitting in side can be a great escape on a rainy day or a day that is so hot that you need some air conditioning.  Couples that we photograph love sharing a coffee or tea for an engagement session together because they often really feel like they are on a date. 🙂

4. Miami by Night – Rain or Shine

Miami by night is for the adverturous! 🙂

Miami engagement photos

5. Underwater!

More adventure!!

6. On the ranch with horses!

Just drive in any direction out of the city and you will find a great photo engagement location with horses. It is a pleasant afternoon and a fun change of pace, especially if you seldom take the time to ride. Every time we have shot a horseback riding engagement session, both  beginners and experienced riders have a ball!

7. At the airport!

Flying is an exhilarating way to spend a afternoon with a loved one! Sit back and gaze out over Miami or consider flying to the Keys. You can rent a pontoon or a traditional small manned plan making a unique engagement session. Why be ordinary!

8. Design District

This is a favorite Miami engagement location for locals! Artistic and gritty; it is a fun laugh for everyone!

9. Bill Bags National Park

This is an off the track and beat as far as beaches go! If you like a beautiful laid beach this is for you!

10. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

It is hard not to just love Viscaya Museum & Gardens! Located in the heart of Miami, it is easily considered one of Miami hidden gems! The style of photography looks best when it is shot in a vintage artistic way. Modern digital doesn’t truly reflect the rustic beauty of this special location.

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